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5×5 Ab Challenge


Hey Guys! I present to you the first ever 5×5 Challenge. This is definitely the first of many. I am so excited to start presenting these to you every Wednesday which is now known as Workout Wednesdays.  Do you ever get the feeling of laziness on a rainy day? Or maybe wish the gym can come to you for a change? I am going to help you and give you tips and tricks to workout at home with fast, easy and simple ways to stay active on a busy schedule.  With me personally, having a busy schedule makes it harder to make it out to the gym so doing these at home workouts make it so much easier for me to stay active. They are fun, challenging, and can be done absolutely anywhere you desire.


***Tip: If you are finding this workout too difficult or two easy you can always increase or decrease the recommended sets or intervals.  By doing this your creating your own unique challenge and setting your own goals of what you wish to achieve:)


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