About Me

Hello Gorgeous! My name is Maria and thank you so much for stopping by my page. I really hope you like my feed  as it covers all of your interest because it defiantly covers all of mine! This blog is my outlet to reach out to all of you out there who love fashion and love discovering her fashion advise and lifestyle tips and tricks. I am a university graduate with a BA in Kinesiology and Health science with a certificate in Athletic therapy. Needless to say I have a very strong background in health and rehabilitation. I am also certified as an Athletic Therapist with the Canadian board of Athletic Therapy. You might be wondering, “how is a health major going to teach me about fashion and lifestyle”? The answer is easy! While health and fitness were strong interests, fashion has always been a passion of mine. I was that girl who wanted to wear pretty dresses to class while other girls were wearing track pants and running shoes. Needless to say, I acquired some nicknames like “posh spice” and “diva” by the way I dressed. This blog is my outlet for me to be able to express myself and my love for fashion and beauty, while also sharing some lifestyle tips and tricks along the way. I have always wanted a platform to be able to share my passion with so many others, give fashion advice and build a fun and loving community in the blogging and fashion industry.  

Fashion and beauty has always been my outlet of expression of who I am. I remember as a child I would always play dress up. My mother would always have to choose my outfits for school because I always wanted to wear the craziest outfits. Purple tights with a pink ruffled skirt and a bright green emerald top with dollar store quality pearls around my neck. Can you picture that? Oh and don’t let me forget to remind you I had a bow headband in my hair and ballerina flats on that would make little pitter patter sounds as I would prance around the house. It’s no wonder my mother had to pick out outfits for me. Never the less, the minute I got home every day I raced upstairs and put on my outfit. It was my comfort zone, my happy place. This love for fashion never changed, but it did get better I promise! From reading all the fashion magazines, following fashion bloggers, to watching America’s Next Top Model or Project Runway, I have always been up to date with all the latest fashion trends. This was my hobby and guilty pleasure on the side while I was pursing my other passion of health and fitness in university.

Many of you may be wondering who is Maria Leucia? What does it stand for? Well I will tell you. When I was born I was named after my grandmother, Maria, and my middle name I got from my great grandmother, Leucia. I am a mix of both inspiring woman. My grandmother Maria was a seamstress. When she came came to Canada after the war, her and my grandfather had no money so my grandmother would sew and make clothing for women in the neighbourhood for income to support her family. She loved making clothing. She always was the best dressed and had the most beautiful jewelry on all the time. She was a beautiful and fashionable woman (she actually made me some of my fancy cloths as a little girl). My great grandmother Leucia, was a strong woman. I have never met her, but my father and my family speak nothing but loving words about her. She was a very strong woman who worked hard and took care of her family. Back in WWII in Italy, my grandmother owned a donkey. This donkey was a source of survival for them, it helped provide them with food and transportation. One day a German soldier approached my great grandmother demanding for the donkey to be handed over. She stood by her ground telling the soldier she needed the donkey to survive and feed her family. During the war if you disobeyed the soldiers, you were usually shot and killed. For some reason my great grandmothers strength, determination, and perseverance prevailed and her strength and courage was able to save the donkey and still provide for her family. For me, physical strength is just as powerful as mental strength sometimes.

 These two woman helped shape the woman I am today. It’s no coincidence I was named after the two of them. It happened for a reason. If you would like to know more about me and have any more questions than please contact me. I would love to hear from you guys!