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Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Ladies today is a great day because today I am going to share with you one of the greatest beauty inventions ever discovered. I’ll give you a hint, you can eat it, you can cook with it, it whitens your teeth and moisturizes your whole body. I already know what you’re thinking, that there is no possible way there is a beauty product that you can eat AND beautify yourself with. Still can’t think of it? Alright I’ll spill… it’s coconut oil! Yes that’s right! Its 100% natural, 100% organic and 100% amazing for you! I use coconut oil every single day and for many different reasons. My main use of coconut oil is as a body and hair moisturizer, and it is a great product to help remove make up and if you brush your teeth with it, it helps give them that pearly white sparkle 🙂 .








There are so many health and beauty products that are out there on the market today, but many of them are not multi-purposeful and they contain a lot of different chemicals that are probably not the healthy for your skin. Now, I’m not saying to go into your cabinets and clear everything out, but maybe see what you can replace with more natural and organic products. I know for myself I am constantly trying different products to test which ones work best for me and which ones are more cost effective between drug store products and high end beauty products. If you are like me then I’m sure your bathroom cabinet is full of of different beauty products your trying out. Ever since I started using coconut oil, it has been cost effective, allowed me to increase the space in my bathroom cabinets, and has made traveling a lot more efficient!

My most recent discovery from experimenting with coconut oil, is what a great hair mousse it can be. More often than not, especially in the colder weather I tend to straighten my hair. I naturally have really curly hair and I find hair sprays and mousses to be very damaging. On the days I like to let me hair go natural and leave it curly I don’t want to worry that I am actually causing it more harm and causing more frizz throughout the day. No thank you!  I don’t know about you but I hate the feeling of dry frizzy hair! I don’t use a lot of coconut oil for styling but just enough to keep the frizz down and my curls in place! I used this on my trip down in the Caribbean last summer because I forgot my hair mousse back home. Probably one of the best mistakes I ever made! My hair is smooth and doesn’t get dry and frizzy anymore.

According to Marie Claire magazine, celebrities in Hollywood are using this product daily for so many different reasons. Academy award winner Emma Stone uses coconut oil to remove her makeup while Mindy Kaling uses it to lather her hair  to give life to her long locks.


Here are a couple of other ways I use Coconut Oil for my daily beauty routine.

  1. Conditioner:Letting your hair soak in coconut oil for a few hours will deep condition your hair and make it look and feel healthier. Sometimes I like to rub some in my hair and leave it in overnight and shower in the morning. It makes my hair feel smooth and frizz free the whole day! Coconut oil is also rich with vitamin E, vitamin K, and iron so it will help strengthen your hair and maintain any split ends.
  2. Cleaning Machine:If you like clean hair raise your hands ladies! I know I definitely do! As gross as it may seem our scalp and hair have a higher bacterial content than we’d like to acknowledge. Fortunately, coconut oil contains anti-fungal/antibacterial properties that make it serve as a protective barrier and keeps our scalp and hair cleaner throughout the day!
  3. Moisturizer:Like I have said above, coconut oil is a great moisturizer. It replenished your skins natural oils and allowing you to have fuller and brighter skin naturally! How amazing is that!? Coconut oil, when applied to the skin can actually help with outbreaks and skin irritations as well. When I apply the oil on to be face before bed, I tend to wake up with much more smooth and refined skin.
  4. Shaving Lotion: Coconut oil adds a little something else. For me it gives me smooth skin and a healthy glow! There are so many other chemicals that are in all those other commercial shaving lotions. Coconut oil also gives you a nice and clean shave! Smooth like a babies bottom 🙂 .

After all of these benefits how can you NOT use this magic oil?! I absolutely love it and so excited to share it with you! There are so many other benefits to using coconut oil. Check out this post from Paleo Hacks to see more benefits coconut oil provides! Good luck ladies and have fun with it!! 🙂




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