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Before-Shower Workout

There is no time for excuses anymore! I know for myself, especially in the winter time, I find being stuck in the house because of the cold weather puts in in a very lethargic mood. I just want to stay in my warm bed and cuddle under the blankets. I try my best not to go outside and find it daunting at the thought of trekking it through the snow to get to the gym. Throughout the years I have found a solution and I am going to share it with you guys!

We all want to get in an exercise that gets our heart rates going, muscles pumping and skin sweating. It makes us feel good and gives us a bit of a challenge. If we can’t get to the gym then the solution is to bring the gym to us.Sounds crazy and unrealistic right? What about all the machines and dumbbells? Well you don’t need them! Using your own body weight to perform exercises can have many benefits.

Set goals for yourself. If you know that you have most of your energy in the morning rather than at the end of a busy long day of work then this is the motivation for you! Before you take your morning shower, get down in the floor and do some push ups and sit ups. Is it challenging? Yes! That’s the point. Challenge yourself everyday. You will slowly start to make it a habit.

With this 5×5 challenge it will help wake up all the muscles in your body, get your metabolism going and your mood will instantly be at a better place. These challenges do not take much time and you will feel good knowing that you got fresh blood running through the system, your joints are lubricated, and your muscles are warmed up ready to tackle on the day, and your body will thank you for doing that!

Perform these 5 exercises with 10 repetitions each. Repeat this 5 times! That’s the 5×5 challenge. If you find it challenging, only do what you can and make it a goal to work your way up to complete the whole challenge 🙂

Make the change today, set goals for yourself, and take on a new challenge. 🙂

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