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The Toronto Christmas Market

Are you a warm pretzel lover? How about some warm mulled wine and schnitzel? Well then don’t worry because I know the perfect place for you to visit for the holiday season.  By now I am sure you all can tell how much I love Christmas with all the baking, festive outfits, and dancing around town to the holiday music. Every year the distillery district of downtown Toronto hosts a Christmas Market. This has to be one of my favourite places on earth this time of year. They have concerts, restaurants, hot chocolate, mulled wine, and so many other delicious and festive attractions. The whole district is filled with Christmas lights and decorations. My favourite decoration has to be their Christmas tree. As you may see in the photos below, this is biggest Christmas tree ever (okay I may be exaggerating a tad, but it is still huge) 😍  🌲 . Its’t is gorgeous! This year definitely called for a photo op 🙂 To see everything else the Christmas market here in Toronto need to offer, you can check it out here.

Gavin and I love coming to the Christmas market at night because it is so much prettier, but this year we both had a afternoon off so we decided to visit it during the day. There are some pros and cons about coming to the Christmas market during the day, let me explain. Pros: there aren’t a lot of people because everyone is at work. You can take pictures and your not constantly bumping and shuffling through crowds to enjoy the scenery and activities. Cons: You don’t get the whole Christmas Market atmosphere. At night they have more concerts and more activities for you to enjoy. There are more people and so many lights, it feels so much cozier. Now I must say, since there weren’t a lot of people there during the day, it was a great time to take some photo ops to share with you all. The Christmas season isn’t over so if you want to get some really festive photos, then hurry and go now! You can scroll down to see all the beautiful decorations they had this year 🙂



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