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Coral with Floral


Today’s outfit is perfect for a spring afternoon. This is one of my favourite outfits for going out for a weekend brunch with the girls. It is so colourful and gets me excited for the beautiful spring weather. I love how the purse adds a pop of yellow which helps brighten up the whole outfit! Although I have to admit my favourite part of the outfit is the shoes! How cute are they? When I saw them on the store shelf I knew I had to have them! They are so fun and edgy all at the same time. The bright coral really helps to bring out the red flowers on my dress. The studs on the shoes give it an extra touch of sparkle and edgy feel which I love! To finish off the outfit I decided to go with some simple jewelry with gold tear drop earrings and some colorful bangles. I tend to lighten up on the jewelry if the outfit speaks loud enough for its self. You don’t want to add too much distraction to the outfit!

*Fashion Tip: When styling an outfit try and pick one or two pieces that you would like to be your statement piece and for others to focus on and then add accessories to help finish and accentuate your statement pieces. My dress and my purse are both my statement pieces. I added the coral shoes to help bring out the colour together with simple, not distracting, jewelry.

Where I got my outfit:

Dress: Forever 21 – $29.90( I got this dress 3 years ago)

Shoes: Winners– $29.99

Purse: Just Fab– $19.99 (On sale)

Earrings: Forever 21– $6.90 (I got these 2 years ago)

Bracelets: Kate Spade (Gift)


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