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DIY: Christmas Wreath

Decorating for the holidays is exciting, fun, and at time stressful. It is the most beautiful time of the year and you always want to make sure that it truly is beautiful especially around your home. My mom has a specific way she decorates her house every year, and I absolutely love it! My mom loves gold and red so our house is littered with gold and red decorations! It always looks stunning and perfect for the holidays. Outside our home solely consists of Christmas lights, which always look really pretty, but I thought the exterior of our home could use a bit more of a touch up and look as beautiful outside as it does inside. Now, some DIY projects can be fairly expensive if you aren’t shopping for the props properly. I bought everything for this DIY at the dollar store. No seriously, all of the ornaments, and wreaths, and everything else in this project was a dollar. This project also doesn’t take long at all which is fantastic!I love Christmas wreaths, and I think they are so beautiful and a perfect accessory to hang on the door at Christmas time.

Alright now lets get into the project!

Here is what you will need:



Glue Gun

Glue Sticks

Red Bells (or any other statement Christmas item)

Wreath Door Hanger


  •  Make sure the wreath you purchase is wired. It makes it a lot easier to work with and without some wire your wreath can be very flimsy and not workout quite as planned.
  • Once you plan the side of wreath you would like, place the centre piece down and glue it. In my case I found this beautiful red bell with a glittery red bow as by centre piece. This will be a good point of view to work with.
  • After your centre piece is placed and glued start glueing down the rest of the ornaments.
  • Once it is all dry you can hang it on your door



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