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OOTD: Enchanted Christmas

Christmas is this weekend and who has their outfit picked out yet? Don’t worry me neither! It’s always such a beautiful time of the year so I always love dressing up! Currently I am finishing up my Christmas shopping, wrapping last minute gifts, and boxing all of my baked goods. Putting the finishing touches on the holidays is bitter sweet. You never want it to leave but you always enjoy the time with loved ones. One of my favourite part of the holidays is driving around the neighbourhoods and checking out everyone’s decorations. It is absolutely stunning to see what people have going on! With all the wreaths, Christmas lights, and decorated trees, part of me wishes it could stay this beautiful all year long! Then again it would mean we would have winter all year long and I don’t think I can handle that! For today’s outfit I am pretty much dressed in Zara from head to toe. I am in love with this pink satin frilled skirt. I love the abstract part of the frill along the side, it gives is an elegant yet chic look. I paired it with this green and pink floral blouse because I felt the pink flowers really complimented well with the skirt. Lets not forget my favourite shoes! I love these little pink satin shoes from Nine West! I wish I could wear then everyday but the cold weather won’t allow me to! So adorable!


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