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OOTD: Just Peachy

Happy Friday everyone! I am so excited and so exhausted at the same time! This week has definitely thrown me for a loop! Work has piled up and I am trying to get my self together and all packed up because tomorrow…I LEAVE FOR GREECE! EEKK! I am so excited and I plan on documenting the entire thing on social media so definitely stay tuned and follow me if you already aren’t! I am traveling with my best friend Nicole so it is going to be the perfect euro girls trip!

Usually at the end of a busy week I tend to just dress casually to the office. A comfy pair of jeans and a casual button up shirt is definitely the way to go for me! This pink and white striped shirt from H&M is my new favourite shirt. It is adorable and super comfy.

If you know me you know I am a huge shopaholic. I just can’t get enough of shopping, BUT the one thing I am not a fan of shopping for is jeans. If you are feeling the same way then you understand the pain it is trying to find the perfect pair of jeans! They can be too tight, too high, not high enough, too baggy, too long, and the list goes on and on and on. When it comes to the magical moment when you find the perfect pair of jeans, it’s the most satisfying moment ever. You can now wear these jeans everywhere with anything. They are the most versatile item in your closet. As a kid I hated jeans and my parents could never figure out why. The Gap and myself would never get along. I hated going in there, but now days, I love it. The gap has the cutest pieces!

These jeans I am styling for you today I purchased at Winners. I absolutely love Winners. It is definitely a hit-or-miss type of store, but sometimes you can find really amazing pieces in there. They always have a huge rack of jeans so for me, when I need to find a new pair, I consider it a one-stop-shop!


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