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Pumpkin Picking at Downey’s Farm

The one thing I look forward to every fall, besides thanksgiving, is pumpkin picking! Last year Gavin and I bought pumpkins and we left them out too long and never got around to carving them that they went rotten! We were so upset, but busy lives got ahead of us and we didn’t get the opportunity. This year, we are making it a goal to carve pumpkins 🎃. Gavin is obsessed with roasted pumpkin seeds and he is really talented in carving so next weekend we are planning on carving them and enjoying roasting some pumpkin seeds! Yum Yum!

There are so many pumpkin farms in Ontario, this year we stumbled over to Downey’s farm for the day! This farm was so interactive and had so many activities going on. Most of them were for little kids which instantly brought out the 5-year-old Gavin again. He was running to the petting zoo, jumping off hay stacks, and participating in all the sing-a-longs. Needless to say, Gavin had a great day. 😂

Money-see, Monkey-do 🐒 . Okay so it wasn’t only Gavin that was having fun jumping on and off the stacks of hay!

Downey’s Farm had their own winery and general store. In the general store they sold freshly made pastries that were made in store, wine, jams, and so many other delicious treats! We stopped and looked at everything because it was all so yummy.

We finally made it over to the pumpkin patch where we needed to find our perfect pumpkins!


Finally found the one! Stay tuned in social media for when Gavin and I carve it next week! We may or may not have a carving contest so we need your help! 🙂

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