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Step By Step Process on How to Decorate a Cake Using Fondant

Well hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I have a treat for you all (literally and figuratively speaking). For those of you who know me, you know that baking is kind of a knack of mine. I have been baking cakes and decorating desserts with fondant for quite sometime now. Baking for me is a relaxing task. I love when I get the opportunity to bake treats for friends and family! It allows me to put on my creative and artistic cap for the day and get to work! Plus who doesn’t like a good piece of cake?!

When me and my sister were younger, we would always bake with “Betty Crocker” or “Duncan Hines” cakes. Its the perfect beginner-to-baking tool! We would get different coloured food dye and mix it into the icing and decorate each cupcake for our friends and family. As we got older, we started experimenting with fondant, and voila here we are! I may not be a professional, but I think I do a pretty darn good job :).

Every time I bake treats I always get the same questions “How did you do that”, “Can you please tell me how you did this”, “What inspired you to decorate this”. Well today I decided to show you a step by step process on how to decorate a cake using fondant. This cake in particular was requested by a friend of mine for her friends bachelorette. I was given free reign in terms of the decoration portion of it, so I did what I know. Something pretty, something pink. 🙂

If you would like to check out the recipe for my cake you can click here. The only difference with this recipe is you would split the batter in half and bake for 20 min each at 375°f.

Step 1

Bake the cake and split the batter into two. Place them on the side. Make sure they cool completely before icing them.

Step 2

Make sure the tops of the cake are even. You may need to cut off the top.


Step 3

Place the bottom layer on the silver placing and ice the top of the bottom layer


Step 4

Place the second layer on top and then spread the rest of the icing on the bottom layer. Make sure the layer if icing is not to thin or too thick. This layer around the cake that is going to allow the fondant to stick to the cake.



Step 5

Grab some icing sugar and a rolling pin. You will need some icing sugar to spread over the fondant to make sure it doesn’t stick to the counter as you roll it out.


Step 6

Start by kneading the fondant to loosen it up and make sure it is soft enough to roll out smoothly.


Step 7

Once the fondant is ready grab your rolling pin and start rolling it out. Make sure you don’t roll out the fondant too thin because it can easily break and it will give you cracks all along the side of the cake.

Step 8

Once you have measured the fondant and rolled it out, gently place it over the iced cake.

Step 9

Gently pat down the sides of the cake with your hands until the whole cake is lightly covered with fondant. Cut around the bottom edge of the cake to get rid of the excess fondant.


Step 10

Now comes the fun part , decorations! I decided to add a pink bow around mine. If you decide to add these kind of decorations, make sure to not tie the bow too tight or else the cake will break.


Step 11

Once the cake is done and decorated to your satisfaction, make sure to take some snap shots!

Step 12

We are now ready to dig in and eat this delicious cake with our friends and family!

Let me know what you guys think. Did you like this break down? Would you like to see more of these baking tips? If so leave comments down below. 🙂

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