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Top 10 Inspirational Fashion Bloggers

Hello my beautiful people!

I have a different kind of blog post for you all today! Now as you all know, I am pretty new to the blogging community and have been blogging for almost 6 months now. I know time flies when your having fun! Being new to an industry, there is a lot of stuff that is thrown at you and new information and stuff you always want to learn. Its always natural for the newbies to look up to vets, especially with blogging. When I first started off blogging, I had no idea it would be so much work. Granted, I do enjoy it a lot, but it definitely looks a lot easier said than done.

I have been lucky enough to follow some amazing and inspiring women out there in the blogging community. I wish I could speak about all of them but that post would be pages and pages long! I decided to choose my top 10 and have not listed them in any sort of order preference.

I highly recommend you follow these woman and check out their pages and see what they are all about. I am sure they will inspire you just like they have inspired me! 🙂


1. J’s Everyday Fashion

One of the first fashion bloggers that ever inspired me is a women named Jeanette Johnson, or as most of us know her, J’s Everyday Fashion! J started out like just an ordinary women just like you and I, but what makes her stand out in the crowd is her motivation to inspire women to look and feel great about themselves on a budget. It’s so easy for us to get carried away with the latest trends and always making sure our closets are stocked with the most stylish pieces. J’s everyday fashion is all about budgeting yourself and teaching you that you don’t need tons of money to be stylish. One of her motto’s is “It’s not about how much new stuff you can cram into one closet, it’s about how many ways can you wear the same item over and over again”

 One of my favourite quotes from J is ” Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Finding your personal style takes plenty of trial and error”. This quote is so true! I always say fashion is like art, and a beautiful way to express yourself and who you are through a branch of creativity. I know for myself, looking back I have made tons of fashion mistakes. Heck, I could even be making those mistakes right now but I know with every piece I put on I feel good and it makes me happy.  That’s very important.

You can find her blog and her stylish outfits and tips here. 


2. My Chic Obsession

My Chic Obsession is run by the most chic gal round, Carolyn from Iowa. Her style is very simple, classy and casual, which I love! She is amazing at creating outfits by mix and matching basics and reworking staples. Who doesn’t love a good basic? I love getting my fashion advice from her. She teaches you about how-to-style basics and look super stylish. Confused about how to rock a jean jackets or white jeans? Don’t worry, Carolyn’s got you covered. 🙂

Also have you checked out her gorgeous curly locks? So stunning! The girl knows how to rock a curl.

You can access her blog here.

3. Sparkles Shiny Love

They may seem far from few but I love when I discover Canadian fashion bloggers! This urban mom from Whitby, Ontario loves all things associated with fashion, traveling, and being an awesome mom to her toddler. Her closet is one many girls, especially myself, would lust over. Her outfits are always on point and she always bring out a happy, fun, and dainty vibe.

You can access her blog here.

4. Do well dress well

Chanele Mcfarlane is the CEO of the “Do Well Dress Well” blog. I can’t even being to describe this woman. When I first started following Chanele on her Instagram page I thought to myself “This women is super cool! She’s fun, beautiful, and successful”. I was immediately drawn to her by her passion and love for helping and inspiring women to be successful by looking and feeling good about themselves. As a new blogger, this industry can be over whelming at times. Chanele reached out to her followers one day on Instagram and how to cope with the stress of blogging. Her message really hit home and was truly inspiring to me.
If you have not checked out her blog, then you need to so please click here! 🙂
5. MAK Style
Mikayla Ann Kuehn is the owner and editor of the blog MAK Style. Another Toronto favourite and lover of pink! (Seriously who doesn’t like pink). I have to personally say for myself that Mikayla is the most happiest and bubbliest person I have ever met before. When I first started blogging I reached out to many Toronto bloggers for meet ups to get to know people in the blogging community. Mikayla was the first fashion blogger I got the pleasure to meet. We hit it off so fast and turns out we had so much in common! She is an amazing and influential blogger. She is always there to lend a helping hand while still kicking ass in the blogging industry.
If you haven’t checked out her blog then please click here!
6. Gal About Town
Lynn Poston is defiantly the Gal About Town. She is always wearing the most amazing clothing. I look forward to all her posts  Her pictures are so bright and colourful and she is laughing in almost every single photo! Its amazing! Such a happy person and brings out so many positive vibes out into the fashion community! Have a told you about her dog Ellie?!  Cutest golden ever, and if you haven’t checked these two Gal’s out yet then you need to click here!
7. Gal meets Glam
I have never been to Charleston, South Carolina, but Julia Engel makes me want to move there tomorrow! She embraces a classy and elegant lifestyle, yet always portrays herself as a very down-to earth kind of gal. Julia knows how to rock a pastel colour and her wardrobe reminds me a lot of the 1950s. Her charming style is one of the top reasons I love her, but I also love seeing all of the scenic images from her road trips, her photos of pretty pastel colored houses and interiors from the beautiful rooms she stays in on her travels.
If you haven’t yet already, check out her blog right here!
8. Up and Away With Me
Maria East is a fashion & lifestyle blogger from Toronto, who funny enough, reminds me a lot of Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam. They both have such a beautiful style in the way they carry themselves and live their life. Maria has a wardrobe I would die for. It also doesn’t hurt that she, like myself, LOVE a good floral (it might just be a “Maria” thing)!  
Click here to see her blog!
9. Oh Couture
Leonie Hanne is by far one of the best travel bloggers around. Everywhere she goes she captures the most stunning images and fashion around the world. She runs the blog “Oh Couture” and lives a lifestyle many of us dream of.  She’s from Germany, but her travel and fashion blog is full of all kinds of exotic places. I love Leone’s playful style and the fact that she’s multi-talented — in addition to her blog she’s a model, stylist and social media consultant. Definitely a women of success and empowerment!
Check out her blog my clicking here.

10. Wishbone & Clover
Rebeca Zavaleta Ulch is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Toronto. Yup another Toronto gal! Now I know I have spoken about a lot of inspiring women on this page but this one is one of the top ones that really takes the cake here. Rebeca is a hustler in the blogging and media community (and I meant that in the best way possible). She is a hard working and determined individual with a dream to succeed towards her passion. I have never personally met Rebeca before but I have been intently following her lifestyle and adventures along the way. Not only is she a hard working momma but she has a huge heart for dogs. She founded Wishbone & Clover and developed a project to help bring awareness on dog adoption and rescue programs for animals who need loving families to give them a home. If this isn’t inspiring  I don’t know what is!
Click here to support and follow her!

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