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Strawberry Picking at Spring View Farms

Hey there! Welcome back to my blog 🙂 Today I am sharing my time strawberry picking at Spring View Farms.

I was so happy to finally go strawberry picking. Gavin and I were on our way up to Uxbridge this past weekend for the day. On the way up Gavin’s dad gave us a call and reminded us that its strawberry picking season! How did we forget?! Luckily we were surrounded by strawberry farms so we immediately googled the nearest farm and drove over! I have been wanting to go all summer long. June and July is the perfect time of the year to go strawberry picking. These strawberries tasted unreal! They were so delicious, ripe and full of juice. I am a fruit connoisseur, Ive tasted good fruit and not so good fruit. These were by far the best tasting strawberries I have ever had.










Spring View Farms is by far the cutest little farm you had ever seen. It is a family farm located in the rolling hills of Uxbride. I have never tasted such juicy and delicious strawberries before. They grow their produce with no insecticides, no fungicides, and no herbicides. The farmer that owned the farm was a very warm-welcoming and pleasant gentleman. He welcomed us in his farm with open arms and told us to taste the strawberries as we go along.




I strongly suggest picking your fruit when it is in season. For one thing, its such a great experience and secondly you get to try fruits and vegetables that are 100% organic and locally grown. This is not something you are able to get in your local grocery store.

If you are familiar with the Uxbridge area I highly recommend stopping by this cute little family farm. Supporting local farmers and a must, plus it is a great activity to do with your family and friends.

Support your local farmers and enjoy some delicious treats 🙂






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