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Bridesmaid of the Bridal Shower

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend! In Canada we are enjoying a civic long weekend! Unfortunately it is a bit of a rainy weekend in parts of Ontario, but needless to say I was able to kick back and relax a bit.

Last weekend I got to celebrate a beautiful event for my cousin Alise who is getting married later on this year. Many cultures have specific timelines and life events that they celebrate. For example, in the Spanish culture their big celebration are Quinceanera’s,  for Jewish people its Bar or Bat Mitzvah,  and for Italians its weddings.

My cousins decided to do a small celebration with our closest family and friends to help celebrate her big day. We did it at a beautiful Italian community centre located in midtown Toronto. The Columbus Event Centre produces extraordinary events with distinct Italian flair.

One of my favourite aspects of this wedding shower was the Candy Table! There were chocolates, gum balls, candies! Every thing that made me happy! Lets just say I was no stranger to this table throughout the event! 🙂

We gave out mini rose wine bottles as a party favour with cute little gold straws.

My sister made this beautiful cake! The top layer was made of chocolate while the bottom layer was made of vanilla!

Of course, the treats do not stop here! Whats a wedding shower without a display of cupcakes shaped as a wedding dress?!

This is a photo (from left to right) of my aunt Sabina, twin sister Francesca (Maid of Honour), Grandmother, cousin Alise (Bride), myself, my mother, and my aunt Olivia.


This is my beautiful mamma!

The bridal party!

Now its time for the outfit shots! I got so many compliments on this dress. This was the perfect off the shoulder dress because it was comfy material and had an elegant neck line with the off the shoulder detailing. I bought this dress from Zara not too long ago (unfortunately it’s sold out because of their recent sale). I had been contemplating on this dress for a long time. When I online shop, if I am unsure of something, I will keep it in my online cart and sleep on it. If I wake up the next morning or think about it a few days, If its something I really want it, Ill purchase it. If I don’t remember it anymore, I won’t purchase it. I am very guilty for impulse buying, so this is my way of training myself to see if I really love a piece of clothing and make sure it’s worth wile to invest in. I still impulse buy, and I have been returning a lot more recently because of it, but my shopping problem is definiatly a work in progress. 🙂




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