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How to Style: Business Wear

Have you ever stood in your closet bored because you don’t know what to wear? Is your closet dull and not giving you much options to style your outfits for work every morning? Trust me, I am sure we have all been there at one point. For many people, especially myself, being comfortable at work is so important. The last thing I want to do is sit at my desk all day and constantly be fiddling around in my outfit. If I am not comfortable then I am not productive!

Getting up for work every morning can a struggle. Believe me I understand, but the last thing you want to do is struggle what to wear. Do you work with those people who look like they haven’t slept in days? Are they still wearing the same shirt over and over again? These are the people who are unmotivated and need a little bit of a Stacy and Clinton intervention!

For me, confidence comes from feeling good about yourself. When I am dressed in stylish and comfortable clothing, I feel good about myself and feel  a lot more confident in my day to day work. This may sound weird for some of you, but everyone develops their confidence differently. Not everyone has the most entertaining and fun job to go to everyday. I don’t know many people who wake up every morning and crave their job, but what gets me in that happy mood is picking out a great outfit to wear!

I love sleep and I am definitely not a morning person, so to buy me an extra 15-20 minutes in the morning on deciding what to wear, I like to plan my outfits the night before and lay it out. Now one way to make your outfits less boring is by adding some texture. I love this white pencil skirt because it helps to elongate your legs and torso by giving you a slimmer look. I love how the slip inside of the skirt cuts off half way. This helps give to the outfit a bit more contrast.

Skirt: Metisu/ Shirt: M for Mendocino / Shoes: Payless / Bag: Winners / Blazer: Boohoo / Necklace: Joe Fresh / Bracelets & Earrings: Tiffany & Co.

Wearing pink always makes me a happier person. Give me anything pink, even a pink pen and I will write and draw for hours. Why? No clue. Its the oddest thing! Any who, I love this pink blazer. It helps give the look a more softer vibe to it and on those days in the office where the AC is blasting but the weather outside is really warm, having that blazer to help layer on is a great piece to have for an cute business look.

For my accessories, I decided to go with neutral colours. I do work in a corporate office environment, and while I would love to wear a bright heel and a funky necklace, sometimes those items are not appropriate and may not clash well around the office. You want to stand out, but you have to make sure you look professional as well.

So to summarize, some of my tips and tricks for dressing around the office are:

1. Add texture

2. Be stylish but comfortable

3. Stay away from bold and bright pieces that may not be office appropriate

4. Wear colours that make you feel good

5. Dress in styles that accentuate your body in a positive way and brings you confidence


You can also feature this look here on the MAK Style blog where they talk about ways in which you can dress cute for work! 🙂

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