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OOTD: Winter Neutrals

No matter how cold it is, that will never stop me from wearing a pretty dress in the winter time. I am the dress queen all year round. I can’t even begin to explain my love and obsession for dresses. When I spotted the new Winter Haze Collection from Ever New I immidiatly feel in love with their new dresses! I absolutely love the lavender flowers in this dress. I have nothing like it. It is the perfect dress for me to transition into the spring time! I love transitional pieces that I can take from one season to the next while still being on trend and fashionable! I find neutral colours and garments with very little pattern on them are very easy to transition. For example, I tend to only wear black in the winter time and a little in the fall, but in spring and summer I tend to stay away from black because I LOVE colour! Adding colour and beautiful patterns into my wardrobe makes me so happy! Even though it is winter time, this new collection brings out a lot of spring inspiration.

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All of the items in this post were c/o Ever New and their new Winter Haze Collection.

Dress / Coat / Watch / Shoes / Earrings / Purse

Thank you Ever New for a fabulous collaboration.

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