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Spring 2017 Colour Trends

Spring is one of my favourite seasons, particularly because that means summer is right around the corner! Spring is the introduction of all the fun and happy colours. You can mix and match so many outfits and don’t need to worry about covering up your outfits with big puffy winter jackets! Colours are hug for helping pick out what outfits to wear. Colour is the first thing that people notice and can make people feel a certain way. In fact, it has been determined by medical science that color can influence the viewer’s hormones, blood pressure and body temperature.

Colours can help detect and influence a persons mood. Spring is usually filled with warm and soft pastels. I am excited to see that soft pink is going to be a huge colour trend this summer. I love the colour pink, it makes be feel so happy and warm and excited! Everyone has a specific colour that excites them! I remember as a kid always picking out the pretty pink dress, or the sparkly pink jewelry to wear.

Here are some of the shades of pink and examples of how they were styled on the run way for spring 2017.

Dark Salmon

Antique Rose


Periwinkle is another colour that we are going to be seeing a lot of this spring. Periwinkle is a gorgeous colour in flowers, and we all know that floral’s are the essence of spring 🙂

Here are some examples of how periwinkle will be styled this season!

There is nothing more basic than black and white, so it comes to no surprise to know that white trends are showing up. I have to admit my guilty pleasure to always reverting to black in the fall and winter and sprucing my outfits up with some jewelry. White is my basic summer colour! you can dress it up with some colourful flats, and bright beautiful jewelry. Lets see how they are styling white on the runway this spring. 




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