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How to Style: Statement Pieces

Valentines day is right around the corner which means I am all about the red and pink clothing! I mean don’t get me wrong I tend to wear pink all year long but this time of year allows me to go above and beyond and go all out with my pink obsession.

In this outfit today, many of these items I am styling are quite the staple pieces. We have a faux fur coat, and cherry red lace pants with an embellished heel.  Prior to putting together this outfit many of you may have thought “no you can’t style too many staple items into one outfit, it will look like a mess”. Your right, but I styled this outfit in a way to allow each statement piece to compliment each other. For me, this looks screams  glamorous and chic. The embellished gold bow on the blouse really helps to bring out the embellishments on the heel. These new red pants from J. Crew might be my new obsession. I will definitely be transitioning these pants into the spring and summer season because it is such a vibrant colour I could definitely style it with floral or soft pastel pieces.  I find the contrasts between the leopard faux fur coat and the red pants really tend to compliment each other. None of the pieces are over powering, but instead they each give the look a tasteful touch.

My number one rule with fashion is to just have fun. There are so many rules of fashion’s ‘do’s’ and ‘don’t’ it’s hard to keep up now a days. Fashion is an expression of your personality and who you are. As long as your having fun with it in a tasteful way, that’s all that matters, Many people are scared to mix and match patterns and prints, or even colour for that matter. If I look back throughout the years I can guarantee I can find some fashion ‘don’ts’ (like my neon green skinny jeans…let’s not go there) but in the moment I loved them and I wore it with confidence.

Do you love to experiment with fashion or are you safe with your fashion? I would love to know your take on it 🙂



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